Peaceful Sunrise and Buddhist Worship Rituals at Doi Suthep

This is a worthwhile experience to wake up early in the morning! Reaching the stunning Doi Suthep Mountain at sunrise and visiting the imposing temple at the most peaceful time. Learn about the life and rituals of Buddhist monks and offer alms to them.

What you can look forward to

There is no better location to enjoy the sunrise! Experience a spiritual morning, far from the crowds, at the magnificent Doi Suthep Temple, as you discover the fascinating life of the monks and their rites. Enjoy a panoramic stroll up the mountain of Doi Suthep in the early morning. The views of the city are quite stunning!

Stepping into this golden temple is a truly memorable moment. You will observe and hear the moving sound of the monks chanting as they perform their morning rituals. Learn about their way of life and the Buddhist religion.

Ready for another unique experience? We will descend the mountain and visit a stunning temple. There you can see the monks taking their morning walk to collect alms. We will share with you the importance of this practice and you will even be able to participate in it!

It is about time to take a little tour. Here we will be able to get off the beaten track and visit the old town of Wat Sri Soda. We can take you to the best local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. Do not hesitate to ask me for further local advice!

We look forward to taking you on this spiritual tour! If you have special requirements, please feel free to ask for more information, we can customize this tour according to your wishes.

Reasons to book this experience

  • Spectacular sunrise view over Chaing Mai
  • Visit beautifully ornate temples
  • Taste a delicious local coffee
  • 100% customized around your wishes
  • Private tour: only you & your local host
  • Buddhist monk rituals & food offering
  • Local safety regulations are put in place to ensure your comfort

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